Cybornetics, the upcoming science fiction movie based on the expected future robots that will be based on the technologies that are currently implemented in recent technological devices such as I pod, I phone or android technologies. These technological devices are based on some sort of predetermined information implanted in them that guide the device to perform in a particular way. In Cybornetics, the emphasis is on the advanced cybernetic technology which has the same connecting properties and functioning of  these devices. The simple functions that are performed by the today’s smart phones and devices are based on certain default properties that guide the device to operate in a predetermined way and perform a function that requires less effort and accomplished in less time. So in Cybornetics, we get a glimpse of expected advancement in these devices and the underlying assumptions about how the robots be made to function in certain condition that require some kind of action played by the robot. So it can be said that the future robots will be built on the same properties that are also the basis of the smart apps that are used in today’s daily life. Cybernetic technology provides an idea about how could it be possible to make a human robot that is functional in many of the conditions of its own and can respond to the situation without taking order from the controlling unit. But the threat is also there. The movie also warns the human race about the expected threat to human race as we design or intend to design such automatic devices that are predisposed with certain orders that are basic to their creation that can be threatening as it can also go against the human who have designed them and can become out of control. This fact has been described by taking into account the human robot, portrayed as ARC1 in the movie, is designed basically for serving human race and to fight as a military robot. At first everything went perfectly, but gradually ARC1 started getting control of its body and setting up its own operation based on the default settings provided by the scientists who designed it. The ARC1 character is a symbolic representation of the consequences of the human robots that are expected to be functional in future society as a minority among normal humans. So Cybornetics narrates the upcoming threats of merging of the cyber technology into the normal human community. Though the technology is going through the development era, it can be expected to become operational in very near future, as most of our small daily functions related to problem solving or entertainment are already dependant upon these smart devices and further research is being carried out to make larger smart devices as robots.